The Scales of Justice?

I thought my WHSCL1 scale would be a bandwidth hog.

Is it really all BT?

I left mine in the box for about 2 yrs. for that very same reason / fear.

Not very “Wyze” of me, to say the least .

My problem is losing weight, not gaining it.

I’ve been -
225 lbs for a decade or two.

I lied about my age on it. Because I can’t wear my “Tin Foil hat”. To keep all my personal data safe . While I’m on the scale. :wink:

Nice lil product so far, wyze !

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Yea it’s entirely Bluetooth to conserve battery.


I’m now, officially in luv with it.

Can’t wait to step on it, fresh out da shower.
With my size 13 feet ! :rofl:

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