The Rule Team would like you to vote on some Rule Actions

Hello everyone,

The team is starting to work heavily on getting some new rule automations and we are going to try something new. The team would like some feedback on what ones you would like to see first. We have chosen 10 Rule Actions and would like you to vote for which 3 would be the most useful for you. If this poll works well we may redo it every so often with new items. We are working on more that are not mentioned on this list and we are aware of the huge lists for Rule Actions and Triggers that are currently on the wishlist. This poll does not mean these are the only 10 we are looking at by any means, this is just a starting point.

Please vote for the top 3 you would like to see implemented most.

  • Turn on/off Vacation Mode for lights/Switch/Plugs
  • Turn Camera Notification OFF for X minutes
  • Turn on/off sound detection on Cameras
  • Turn on/off Pan Scan (For Cam Pan)
  • Turn on/off Motion Tracking (For Cam Pan)
  • Turn Night Vision on/off on Cameras
  • Turn Spotlight/Floodlight on for X minutes
  • Turn on/off notification for Locks
  • Turn on/off recording to SD card
  • Notify me through Email
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I might mention that you can easily change your vote if you get an aha! moment about the usefulness of one you didn’t initially choose.

I’m going with with just one for the moment


'cause it’s closest to ‘Change SD card recording between Events and Continuous.’   :slight_smile:


Not to be a downer, but what took so long to get more rules / fix them?


Don’t need any of these at this time.

More interested in sequential execution of rules and a pause period during sequential execution. My group rules fire randomly causing me to write 3 or 4 rules for simple execution lists.


Yes PLEASE especially on the night vision rule add, been wishing for this for many years. Several cams are in low light areas where this will REALLY help out.


I don’t really understand the point of picking a few vague rule options to add in and then having people vote on them. Why have such a tight knit list of options for rules? It’s one of the many ways flexibility is lacking in this ecosystem. Just open up the rules system to let people create their own rules instead of limiting them to the ones you think we want.


Thing I’d love is on cameras where there is no “chime” (which there should be as an option on all cameras, come one now), Id’ love to be able to set the alarm to go off for “x seconds” (including 1) as my chime in the middle of the night. I dont’ want to wake up the whole neighbourhood, just scare off the person who came in my yard.


Garage Door Open /Close Widget


Turn off all light on shm mode change

Turn cameras on or off on home away mode

It’s great that the rules team is working on adding new features! Above all else I would love for the rules system overall to be more robust, such as having two or more triggers with programmatic conditional AND and OR operators.

Example: If HMS is set to “home” AND floodlight detects a person then turn on the plug.

Example: If front yard cam OR side yard cam OR back yard cam detects a person then turn on the plug.

This would both make rules a lot more powerful by supporting complex triggers, but also make the rules list so much cleaner because right now I have so many of my rules duplicated with the only thing different being the camera that triggers it like in the OR example above.


You can already use the HMS “switches to away mode” trigger to turn on cameras, lights, and plugs, and HMS “switches to disarmed mode” to turn cameras, lights, or plugs off.

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The floodlight pro has a motion warning feature where you can set it to say “you are being recorded” if a person is detected. Alternatively you can have it play a chime instead. It would be great if this feature were added to all other cams as well! I don’t believe there’s technically anything preventing the other cams from doing the same, starting with and prioritizing the doorbells, outdoor cam pro, and outdoor cam v2.


I voted but I feel like I should elaborate on what is missing here. I still think Wyze is overlooking critical things that would make it’s rules engine GREAT.

Yes, we definitely need more triggers and actions, but in order for Wyze to go back to being my primary rules/automation center, the foundation itself needs to be improved. I would suggest making rules act similarly to how they work in Home Assistant:

Automation UI:

Triggers can be searched:


You can add a number of conditions:


Primarily we need conditional operators like: If, then, and, or, time conditions, device state conditions, etc. Plus it needs to run actions sequentially, not in a BLAST of random execution order. And we need to be able to have time delays between actions (wait x amount of time before running the next action)

Then, the more actions integrated into it, the better.

Google Home recently added scripting as an option for it’s automations and and trained its AI to be able to help people write advanced automations just by describing the automation you want to make:

So now people don’t even have to know how to set things up, they just tell the Google AI what they want their smart home to do, and it programs a script to do what they asked for. No technical knowledge really needed.

If Wyze isn’t going to do all that with their own system, it would be nice if they would at least add triggers and actions into 3rd party systems like Google Home, Alexa or Home Assistant so that we can use more advanced options with Wyze stuff such as use-cases where we absolutely NEED conditional operators.

For example, right now it really sucks to try to automate lighting with the Wyze rules Engine. By which I mean have lights quickly turn on when I enter a room and turn off when I leave a room, all without me having to think about the lights. I eventually had to give up and have Home Assistant do it instead because Wyze’s rules didn’t really make it possible. Right now in the Wyze app, I can’t tell Wyze to turn on lights as long as ANY motion sensor in the room detects a person, and only turn off the lights whenever EVERY motion sensor in that room is clear. I have to do a separate rule for each motion sensor, and if any of them clears, the lights turn off even though I’m still in the room and one of the sensors still detect me. You don’t make it possible to group motion sensors or use conditional operators to make this work. I did find a way to have a camera automate the lighting with person detection triggers, but the lights are fairly slow to turn on, especially in dim lighting. Also, I have to set the light timer for at least 10 minutes to make sure it doesn’t accidentally go a short period without detecting a person if they’re sitting still or laying down on the couch or something. It would be nice to combine a situation where lights can turn on if any motion sensor detects motion or any camera in that room detects a person, and only turn off the lights if every single motion sensor in that room is clear for 5 minutes and the camera hasn’t detected a person for 5 minutes. Then things would turn on fast and not have false turn off actions. But because you don’t offer conditional operators (and/or) we can’t do this. So I had to move my lighting automations with my Wyze lights over to Home Assistant instead of keeping everything within Wyze because Home Assistant (with the 3rd party Wyze integration and other workarounds) makes it possible for me to do these things.

That should be one of the main focuses with the rules engine IMO. Yes, triggers and actions ARE important, but before you keep adding to your automation design debt, I suggest fixing the foundation. Setup conditional operators. Consider adding scripting. Maybe see if you can do something like Google where you tell it what kind of automation you want and it just creates the script for you. Then your system would be extremely powerful and extremely useful.

I know several other people agree with me on this. I have had countless conversations with @spamoni and @R.Good about this, so I know they have similar feelings about how to improve Wyze’s automations/rules.

If you really want my feedback, this is it:

Make rules run sequentially. Add conditional operators (if, then, and, or). Add Time conditions between each action (wait x amount of time, then do the next action), and consider a scripting option like what Google just did. Google still allows the UI automation creation, but users can also use scripting for more power. In addition, Google AI can create any automation just by describing what you want it to do. If Wyze isn’t going to do all that, then PLEASE add support for more devices, triggers, and actions through 3rd parties that DO support it, like Google Home.

Edit update 4/15/24: And another rule action that should be added is a custom notification as an action. Let us have a push notification with our own customized title and message as one of the action for any rule trigger. I have dozens of these for Wyze devices with Alexa and Home Assistant since Wyze doesn’t support letting me do it natively. It’s something a lot of people don’t even realize that they would like and want until they try it, then they decide it’s awesome!


This is a great writeup. I agree that the rules need to be enhanced and more features need to be provided and not just on / off options. I have read and also would like to see some of the following:

  • Toggle Rules and shortcuts: Basically if on turn it off, if off Turn it on
  • Grouped Sensors for triggers
  • Conditional statements and actions
  • etc

Looking forward to the changes being planned for the rules engine.


This 100000%. You covered a lot more than I did in my response, but I was keeping my wish list to what I thought was more realistic for them to actually implement. Unfortunately I don’t see Wyze completely revamping and doing all the things you outlined, especially the AI, but if they did it would set itself apart from pretty much every other smart home vendor that does cams/home monitoring/locks/etc.

I would absolutely love if Wyze was better integrated with Google Home, similar to how they’ve done with Alexa. I’ve read that you can do so much more with Alexa than you can Google, and that’s really disappointing. I have a bunch of Wyze rules and google home automation/IFTTT set up separately. Some of it works together. Some of it is hacked together by having to use things like a Wyze plug as an intermediary device to trigger Google home automation. For example, when my doorbell detects a person I want the doorbell stream to automatically start playing on my Google nest hub screen. This is seamless and integrated into Wyze/Alexa. But not Google.

Unfortunately there’s no built in way to do this. As a somewhat clunky workaround you can buy a Wyze plug. Don’t plug anything in the plug, just have it plugged in somewhere in your house. Make sure Wyze is set up in your Google home app on your phone and the plug is showing up.

Create a rule in wyze: if the doorbell detects a person then turn on the plug for X minutes (this is how many minutes the video will stream to your nest hub screen)

Create a household automation in Google home: Starter: when the plug turns on. Action: “custom command” with the text “show front door camera” (replace front door with whatever camera you want to display). Configuration: Play on X (select the nest hub screen you want to stream the camera on).

To automatically stop streaming the camera on the nest after the X minutes set in the Wyze rule, you can set up another Google home automation where if the plug turns off, use a custom command “show home screen”.

This is a clunky workaround. We shouldn’t have to hack stuff together to make it work.

Working on rules is great. Getting community feedback is even better. Any progress is good progress. But at the end of the day, the rules team needs to really step back and focus on the foundation instead of adding 3 simple new triggers. I was a programmer for many years, 3 new simple things like this should take less than a day to implement and test if they already have a good rules engine foundation and all the existing code from the other rules/triggers to work off of/borrow from.


10000% this.


This should be the focus, and it’s one of my perpetual frustrations with Wyze (as much as I continue to use and enjoy the products): There seems to be a desire to make new things and get them out the door instead of improving and refining what’s already out there. That’s my perspective as an outsider, anyway.

Here are a few specific examples of what I’d like to see fixed:

  • Just getting to Rules from the main screen is weird, and there are two paths to achieve the same end. As a user, I would expect tapping the “+” on the main screen and then tapping “Add Rule” to navigate to the rule creation screen and not to require an additional “+” tap (on the Rules screen) to begin creating a rule. (Tapping the pencil icon on the main screen and then “Edit Rules” already goes to the Rules screen, so the plus icon (+) and then “Add Rule” seems like it just duplicates that flow in an unnecessarily redundant manner.)
  • Users should be able to reorder DEVICE TRIGGERS Rules (the bottom section of the Rules screen) in the same way as SHORTCUTS Rules, and toggling “Enabled” off for these rules should send them to the bottom of the list so that the disabled Rules are grouped together out of the way.
  • In the “Do” section of a given Rule (when editing), I’d like to be able to re-order actions for aesthetics, organization, and ease of use. (I want to be able to more easily read the rule actions I’ve selected and order things logically.)
  • There should also be 1 × 1 widget options. If I want to trigger a rule with a tap on my device’s home screen, I don’t need that to take up 2 x 2 or more in screen real estate.
  • When a plug is in a group, the “Turn on for” action is broken (there is no option to select a time); this option is present if I select the plug by its individual name and not by the name of the group. This seems to be a bug or a coding oversight.

If the community would be better served by having some of these things split out into separate Wishlist or fix-it-friday topics, then I hope a Maven or Moderator will let me know.

I was unaware that this is how it currently works, because that would not be my expectation and I haven’t experimented much with this. Thanks for making this point.

I agree completely.

Cam OG also has that feature (which can be enabled to trigger on a generic motion detection without Cam Plus), and I agree with your idea to prioritize adding this to the doorbells and outdoor-specific cameras.

Yup. I’m currently doing something similar.

Yes, the focus should be on making sure that what’s out there with existing product works optimally before trying to hang new stuff on a suboptimal framework.


Hear hear :slight_smile: Was just writing same:

Re-order facility for Schedules and Device Trigger lists as there is currently for Shortcuts.

Inability to re-order inhibits me from adding many more. :man_shrugging:


See? Someone else gets it! Thanks for the visual aid! :+1:


A meaningful and worthy ‘bump’. :grin: