The OG of cameras

Mine will not play back correctly. I record in continuous mode all of the time on all cameras. I go back to look at events and play them back and sometimes capture and record the footage. I don’t subscribe to their CAM+ fee offering.

Mine will play back for 30secs and then stop. If you jog it forward, it will play for 30 secs and then stop. It’s not stitching the files together correctly within the software.
(WYZE stores video on the SD cards in 1 minute files.)

Again, this is just MY OG’s. All other camera versions are still fine and the OG’s were fine for a few months until about mid January and all (15) failed at the same time. My assumption is it coincides with a firmware update that was released, I updated my cameras to it, and then there was this issue. I am not getting any support from WYZE so I have to surmise much of this.

Many other people are having similar issues and it seems many people aren’t.