The little cam that could...maybe grow into a Game cam?

I just dont get this stuff. Really. I now have total of 13 cameras. Knock on wood the 4 pans all sense motion and track/record it…
I gotta tell you a short story…
My father was super impressed with the Wyze cams I took to their place on Christmas vacation… he called me up and asked me could I outfit his house. So no problem, asked him how many and where. He asked the dimensions again so I showed him one over live messenger. I set the cam on the coffee table and went to work…never thought much of it, actually forgot about it until the next day when my
wife asks me if I had seen the camera ??
Instantly went to living room to, hoping she was lying, to see it wasn’t on the coffee table anymore… as she smiled that smile that says " I told ya so", I see my poor cam lying helplessly, his cord in 20 pieces and ultimately his poor body, riddled with thousands of sharp , jagged marks. The clear victim of one very abused and fragile rescue pup…
While they chuckled, I picked him up piece by piece… It was a somber moment, especially when I realized he was number 2 otherwise known as " Office Cam" I felt awful, the dream was over… or was it ? As I looked at the pieces, sure he was clearly havin a bad day and there was no buffing these ones out.
The shell actually clicks together and was pretty destroyed. Mic was in pieces, the charge port was hanging, clearly the victim of a razor sharp tooth, cam power and ground were chewed apart and the boards were full of slobber, had some scratches but not to bad, a little worse for wear, but it survived one of the worst attempted murders ever! [poll type=regular results=on_vote public=true chartType=bar close=2020-02-15T04:01:00.000Z]

  • Grows into Game Cam
  • Has taken his last pic

Couple days later, soldered the mini usb back on the board, 'Borrowed " a power and ground from some junk and replaced one of the pin cables…
My father is up to date on the situation and calls with the offer of a deceased Trail/Game cam to house my poor boy… so hooked him back together today to see if he would boot up or even power up. Making sure all looks good, I run him power from a protected block… keep in mind there is no speaker for me to hear the familiar pairing words ( internet has changed since he got attacked) I did however see the lights flashing from yellow to yellow/light blue flash…
However… with 20 or so laptop repairs/ in line , I can’t make it happen tonight…
But this guy,( see pics) is showing us that they are tough and tougher that I expected.
Ill keep you all updated on his recovery and new digs. Anyone wishing to send well wishes please send me a PM---- God speed little guy…!


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