The effect of rule Universal Actions

Many moons ago there used to be universal shortcut rule options for: Mute all notifications and for Unmute all notifications which only affected the notifications from devices that had their individual notification settings turned on. The mute rules did not universally change the settings for the individual devices. The titles of the current rule actions for universal application have been changed to: “Turn on notifications or Turn off notifications” which imply that the device settings will be changed.

What do the universal on/off actions really do? Do they just mute all notifications to the app or do they change the device settings? I’m reluctant to test them because I can’t afford the time to go back through all my individual devices and reset their day-to-day notification settings.

What “devices” are affected by the universal on/off actions? Does it just affect HMS devices, e.g. Motion, Leak. Doors, Windows or does it also affect Cam events?

Are you thinking about the Bell at the top right of the main screen? If you tap on that and you see a zzz, notifications are silenced


While the wording used to describe the Universal Rule Actions may have changed, the effect did not.

The Universal Rule Actions toggle the App Settings, not individual device settings. Only actions that are listed in the Device Actions category of the rule actions list, after selecting the individual device, will affect the Device Settings.

These Universal Actions toggle the App Push Notifications toggle in the Account → Notifications → Push Notifications menu. When actioned by a Rule, it will toggle the Notifications Bell indicator in the Home Screen Device List to the Off, or Mute, icon.

It affects ALL devices regardless of the notification settings within those devices. It does not change any device notification settings but turns off (mutes, blocks, stops) ALL push notifications to the app for all devices and services.


Very clear answer. Showing how the Universal on/off action affects the bell helps explain what happens when the rule is implemented. Thank you.

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You are quite welcome. Glad I could help!