The code "response" to get one month free is no longer valid


Also, give me one month free for improving Wyze cuz I’m a rockstar. :wink:


Thanks. I’ve passed this “up the chain”.


@YeahThatCee This should be working again, please let me know if it is not. Thank You

I just checked, and it’s working again. Unfortunately, I signed up for the 14-day trial yesterday when I assumed the code had expired rather than was “broken.” Thanks for fixing it! So when excitedly testing the promo code to see whether its 30-day trial period worked just now, it didn’t add the 14-day as I subconsciously expected, and so I “lost” my 14-day trial. For others testing the code, DO NOT USE THE ‘RESPONSE’ PROMO CODE UNTIL AFTER YOUR CURRENT 14-DAY TRIAL ENDS. Oh well. I give, and I give, and I give, lol. Sigh, but thanks @WyzeJasonJ and @Loki!

I found out the hard way, after the fact.

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does anyone know of a current promo code
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