The Choice

The Choice was to chew the fleas or eat the marshmallow :thinking:


False dichotomy… Who has to choose when you can do both!

It’s extra pleasurable if you can do both at the same time… Take a bite of the marshmallow then bite the fleas while chewing. If you get pieces of marshmallow on your fur while doing this, all the better: not only will there be some scraps there for later, but if you missed getting the fleas, they might get stuck in the marshmallow scraps or at least distracted by the scraps, and then you get to finish them later when you clean yourself.

The switch back and forth technique (marshmallow to flea to marshmallow to flea) seems a pretty effective way to do both. :slight_smile:

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My wife decided we will not trap any more raccoons. I will make the feeders harder to access. The last raccoon I trapped choked itself to death trying to escape. That was inhumane and could happen again.

Keep the trap handy just in case they decide to move into, under or on top of your house .I don’t mind them wandering around the yard and climbing in the trees trees just as long as they stay where they are supposed to be OUTSIDE.

If they are fed, the chances of a raccoon getting in an attic, crawlspace, outhouse are much greater than if they aren’t hanging around.

They’ve been coming here for 36 years without being fed. They like the free plums, apricots, and mini peaches that fall off of my trees. In the crawl space is not good, been through that a few years ago. :anguished:

Mayhem has something to add

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THE CHOICE PART 2 Which marshmallow is the best?. Doesn’t matter he ate them both :grin:
He should of gotten that bug crawling across the ground for some protein.