The app is a piece of crap, and so are the camera’s networking capabilities

Doesn’t hurt.


I hate to preeempt their response (maybe “hate” is too strong a word) but here goes:

“If the 10-year-old cloth shoes fit…” :sniff:

(If anyone “flags” this “class warfare” I swear I’m gonna scream!)

I see myself as more of a “Highly Paid deplorable” That prefers ceiling spaces…….as long as you change your socks once in awhile.

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Hopefully that won’t be misconstrued as a political reference. I made that error and was flagged and censored, forcing me to go incognito. :wink:

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Do you guys not have Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or anything else? Is this really your social platform? Smh

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Lol, a reasonable request, done. :handshake:

They used to force you to write essays as punishment. Now they prevent you from doing so. :man_shrugging:

For my part, it is -a- social platform. It is as lively and stimulating as any other human thing - at its best.

How do you see it?

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Yea well.
We have multiple not-wyze cams, [two of them] showing one-bar (out of three bars) that stream with zero twitchiness … same can be said for all other Wifi devices.
Then we have the wyze cams, with an 80% rate of failure to initially connect or failure to stay connected for more than, say, 60 seconds.

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Wyze just changed the look of the app and it beaded up my cameras.

One Wyze cam does not playback any event and another was knocked offline.

Now I have to wait til I get home after work and refresh the cameras.

This sucks. Every time there’s a firmware update, it seems to mess up the cameras.


That’s interesting… I now have 11 Wyze cams and have had zero percent failure… Actually, I’ve not had a single failure on any of them since I got them. Ever. I’d venture to guess my WLAN is probably way more complex. Maybe that’s to my benefit.

Out of curiosity, what are your “not-wyze” cams?

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Welcome to the group.


I have nothing else. Wyze Forum 4 Lyfe. Seriously dude? You started this thread with a rant.

(I still can’t quite comprehend that so many people willingly use Facebook.)


I never thought of Wyze on facebook. I just subscribed lol.

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It’s like the old jam band, Little Feat. They’ve been jammin’ for a while (too long) and they’ve each wandered to a distant part of the stage (except for the drummer and he’s just counting his toes) then something SOMETHING draws them back to center stage in a circle and they RECONNECT.

The Wyze Team has sensed SOMETHING that has drawn them back to center stage and they’re aware of the CONCEPT of RECONNECTION but never done it before with any sac, so they’re fumbling a bit, still in the circle, they’re gonna get it, but for now, just a little fumbly, like a fubar maid searchin’ for a good hot lick…

[think music you pervs]

Have you ever looked straight into Zuck’s eyes. I mean straight. Into. His. Eyes.

It’s like Kurt Cobain if he’d been given all the canvices on the schedule.

Very nearly favorited if only I could figure out what canvicces were.


…3…2…1   :bulb:   !



lol, d’oh!

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Zuckerberg is the AntiChrist…and I do not even look at Pictures …of his eyes. :money_mouth_face:


It would be slick if an OP could control the Summary function (just above the first comment) :


to give their impression of the “Best Of” a long thread.

One of the mods told me they don’t “curate” the Summary - that it is algorithmically determined by somethings or others.

Anyway, failing that, maybe @jonelli could give us the “Top X Comments” responsive to his needs? Or anything else on his mind. Jonas?

Nest IQs, Ring Stick Up, Lorex, Reolink.
(Note: we’re on acres and acres of land, so have zero bleed /interference from any “neighbor” Wifi system and just to be sure, have run Ubiquiti Wifiman to prove it out)