The AI will make me get rid of my cameras…

I have 6 v3’s and most recently a WCO V2.

I really wanna like my cameras but the AI is just diminishing their value.

I use my cameras for outdoor security. Now during the day the AI is able to for the most part label and identify motion correctly about 80-85% of the time.

But at night , is when the AI just has so much trouble . Spider webs , cars head lights, light changes .

Person events labeled as motion, pet event labeled as motion

I have to review all of my ai events and make sure the AI is tagging them correctly . Constantly baby sitting it to make sure it gets it right.

We’re told “submit the correct feedback” and the AI will train itself but one day it’s working great and the next day it’s like it just got rolled out.

After 9 months , I just don’t have time to be checking on my events and submitting the correct feedback and worried about the AI.

Seriously , I know Wyze is venturing out into other things but what got me mainly into Wyze was their affordable cameras with their AI.

They really need to stick to their basics and set up a good AI team to address the issues. If I don’t see improvements soon I’ll have to go with other brands cameras.

I’ll keep the other products I have , but I need top notch security and I understand they’re only $35 cameras but the way they’re marketed they seem as they are up to the plate…


I am sorry you are having a bad experience but these things are things that really cause issues with cameras that detect motion based on pixel change. I would try messing with the detection zone and sensitivity. Are you keeping the v3’s in color at night or using the actual night vision. Switching form one to the other may help.

As far as the AI, they are continually working on it, I believe it gets updated about once a month, submitting correct and accurate feedback does help.


All of my cameras are set to auto night vision . To help the AI accurately identify motion in night vision and also to help reduce false alerts and reduce all that unwanted events filling up my events tab . I’ll be purchasing some spot lights for all of my v3’s . I hope the light will help

Yes , but i don’t really see much improvement. I understand they’re $35 cameras , but i was lead to believe these could be security cameras but they can’t . Well not yet , low video quality and also the AI is hurting the cameras.

I don’t have time to be baby sitting my cameras and reviewing the events all the time to make sure the AI correctly labeled the motion.

I’ve spent 9 months submitting feedback that spider webs are not person events and yet they still get identified as such. It can be frustrating.

I enjoy my v3’s but the AI is what’s diminishing them . I need top notch cameras with top of the notch AI.

I enjoy my cameras but if I don’t see any improvement SOON, I’ll have to get rid of them . For Indoor and other small stuff they’ll work great but to rely on them for real security is a big gamble . And one that I have been taking for 9 months but I will not gamble home security for the sake of my safety.

I’ll be switching them out soon for real security cameras , I’ll keep the other Wyze products around but the cameras no longer .

I hope Wyze is listening , they have cameras that can become real security cameras but like I said the AI is what’s diminishing them

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In the meantime, clear the spider webs. I do that every couple of months on a few of my outdoor cameras.


I do from time to time but spider webs seem to be really attracted to these cameras, even worse when you have night vision on . That’s why I’ll be getting some spot lights for my cameras so I can have color night vision and not deal with them and help the AI out bc I notice when I’m black and white night vision the AI isn’t as good .

But I have a busy schedule and I can’t keep on going around cleaning up spider webs ugh

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Every couple of months you don’t have 5 minutes?

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Some are at other properties

Also some of us have jobs and can’t go around baby sitting our Wyze devices :man_shrugging:t4:

Constructive criticism is very important , and I’ve noticed any little bit of criticism toward Wyze will bring out the fan boyz n girlz. If you want Wyze to succeed , you must accept both good and bad feedback


So 5 minutes every 2 months brings out the fanboy defense? K.

Clearing the webs is the simply the best short-term solution.

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5 minutes every 2 months isn’t enough , when spider webs are attracted to your cameras every night

If the shoe fits…

I just try to help. Clearing the webs is the best short-term solution.


I understand and appreciate the help , but the sarcasm isn’t.

I have cleaned the spider webs periodically but like I’ve said , spider webs seem to get attracted to the cameras for some reason…

Also doesn’t help that the AI continues to tag spider webs as people , pets, and vehicles . And we’re told to submit the correct feedback and it’ll train the Ai, and that the AI is updated monthly . Which really isn’t seen on the user end.

I just want to have good and reliable cameras , but the AI is what ruins it for me . I would love to see Wyze get a team together and focus on what brought them into the the lime light . Their cameras , and set up a good AI team .

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It doesn’t matter which brand of cam you purchase, if it has built-in IR, it will attract bugs at night and you’ll end up with spiders and webs. Users have claimed many types of solutions from hanging dryer sheets or flea collars from the cam to types of insect repellents. The only real solution to prevent bugs and spiders no matter which cam you use (short of moving to a cold location) is to turn off the built-in IR LEDs and install an IR light source away from the cam. That IR light source can be a dedicated IR illuminator or simply a old repurposed Wyze cam. An repurposed cam doesn’t even need to be connected to Internet or have recording capability… just IR on in low/no light and off during daytime.

The spider web is not the source of your false AI detection/tagging. The movement of the spider web is only the source of motion detection that triggers an event. False AI tagging is due to something else in your cam’s view that appears to the AI as a person, pet or vehicle in the captured event.


I have to clear mine out every morning but they rebuild them again at night. Even tried spraying the camera and the surroundings but the stuff doesn’t help.

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It does , i know of some who use Eufy , Reolink , and Ring cameras and none have AI issues as much as my Wyze cameras . It’s the AI, and I find it hilarious how no one ever calls it out . We must and should say something about this .

The AI is not reliable . Again , I understand they’re $35 cameras but I can’t continue to gamble with my safety . I thought they could handle just as well as other cameras but they can’t . And it’s clear that Wyze doesn’t really wanna work on it , just small improvements here and there but I’m not gonna sit and wait .

As @WyzeJasonJ states, the problem is with how the cameras detect motion, which for Wyze and many others is pixel changes. The camera detects the changes, starts recording as motion then transmits the video to the Wyze servers which tag the AI events.

Reolink, Ring and the others may be using PIR for motion detection which wouldn’t be subjected to so many false triggers. It is one of the reasons I use motion sensors in combination with cameras.


I unfortunately moved on. Very happy.

I kept the working Wyze cameras. All the other stuff as well. A smart plug (one still works of maybe 4) and a couple bulbs are still running (one white and 2 color ones). Got tired of changing batteries on the mag switches and IR (to short a lifetime and odd non matching batteries),

Very happy with my new system. The spiders in all 3 locations, build webs around the cameras IP (close to 70 camera). They “only” cause a small annoyance viewing them after many months and I go wipe them all. They DO NOT FALSE TRIGGER at all. And when I say a few months, more like 6+ months,

Best of luck. I wish all mine had worked, but I knew at $25-35 a camera it was a gamble. The games with pupped up, forcing discounting cam plus, recording stopping (no button) then back after complaints, etc. I gave. Oh, you can have this FREE but you have to enter you credit card…

Sorry wyze. Hope things get better. FYI: Dead wyze cameras are good to hide keys in for emergencies…

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I found that setting the IR mode to “auto” by itself isn’t good enough to prevent the AI problems because it takes very low light levels to trigger the IR mode. You need to set the trigger to “Dusk” so that IR mode kicks in way earlier…this eliminated almost all of my AI problems in low light (but yeah, spiders can still be a problem).

If I read Rulwiz’s comments correctly his complaint is not with false motion detection but false AI detection. AI labeling spiders as people and such. No amount of “cleaning” is going to fix that.
Rulwiz, I feel your pain and have to agree with you on all of your observations. I too have become increasingly disillusioned with the AI “feature”. I have been submitting corrected results for many months and have seen very little improvement. I imagine you, like me, would like to be able to filter results to only show and/or notify on AI events, but that is not realistically possible at the current maturity of the AI.
I came to the conclusion a long time ago that Wyze cameras will never be adequate security cameras, they are merely for entertainment and occasionally a good tool, that’s about it.


We had an incident at our next door neighbor ‘s yesterday and multiple responders, rescue vehicles,ambulances, went down our driveway to help. There were maybe 15 vehicles involved and they all went past 2 of our garage mounted cams within 25 feet. NOT A SINGLE VEHICLE WAS TAGGED. It did pick up some people and a few car door closing sounds. I’ve been sending in AI corrections daily for at least a year and it still won’t recognize any vehicles slowly driving through.