The AI has forgotten what a vehicle is…

My floodlight cameras had totally forgotten what a vehicle is

This was not the case for the last 11 months and all was well but now whenever I pull up into my driveway the event is just tagged as motion.

I’ve been submitting the correct feedback and tagging vehicle for 2 months now and to no avail their isn’t any improvement.

What to do here


Power it off for 5 minutes then power it on again. When I say power it off, I mean cut the A/C. This always restores the AI for my v3 cams.

You mean to disconnect the cable from the back of the camera that connects to the power adapter as well?

Maybe use your circuit breaker or old school fuse box to kill the power versus physically disconnecting it? There are a lot of ways that you may have the floodlight wired in and I’m not sure which method you used or have. Some people have them wired to an outlet or wall switch… Bottom line, yes you need to kill the power to the camera.

Okay yea I know what to do now

But I’m still not sure turning the camera off for a few minutes and turning it back on will do anything to the AI…

It always resolves AI issues for me on V3 cameras. With that said, your experience may be different? Hope all is well now and that your day is going great.

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@Rulwiz - Just a quick follow up. Did the power cycle of your device resolve your AI issues? If so, could you please mark my post as the solution?

I hope you had a nice holiday with friends and family.

Hey good morning @Known1

I actually never attempted the power cycle to the floodlight camera. I’ve just been submitting the correct feedback and it’s been slowly learning . A few events where the AI is not tagging the correct labels but it takes time .

The last few nights it has finally been labeling my car pulling into and out of the driveway as a vehicle .

Submitting the correct feedback helps , but it’s takes a while for the AI to learn…

Hmm, that is interesting and glad to hear that things are working a bit better. With that said, I would be shocked if the feedback you are providing has anything to do with it.

Maybe a forum maven could weigh in on how the AI feedback works and impacts a specific cameras AI performance?

Hmm, I read this thread:

It looks like you are correct and the AI is learning in real time. I’ve submitted hundreds of corrections and it has yet to make a difference on my end. That is why I said what I said above. Glad to hear it is making a difference for you. :slight_smile:

The AI does learn from the feedback submitted and I have heard of cases of people submitting every video they have to get things corrected and it working. However the AI model is updated about once a month so it does not actually learn in real time as far as I am aware. It would take the update being pushed to see the results.