"That" trigger from IFTTT doesn't work with Google Home

Wyze is compatible with IFTTT. I can have IFTTT call me (That) when Wyze cam picked up the Motion (This). Does anyone know how to have IFTTT instruct Google Home speaker (That) to do something when Wyze cam alert is triggered (This)?

Say so and so Wyze cam picked up a motion, IFTTT instructs my Google Home speaker to scream “Police, freeze” something like that.

I’ve looked, but I don’t think IFTTT can do that. There doesn’t seem to be any “That” that can work with Google that way. I can do it with Tasker/Join/IFTTT, but not Google.

You are correct Google does not have that ability in IFTTT, so you would need Google to do something on their end.

If you are seriously set on doing something like that, you can set up an old Android phone somewhere and leave it running unlocked, then use the “Play a specific song” action of the “Android Device” service as the action part of the IFTTT Applet.

The song could be something you recorded yourself on the phone.

@None & @WyzeJasonJ Thank you for chiming in.

@Wrecks0 Your idea did ring the bell on me. I do have an old Android phone, I will try to have that phone set to cast to Google Home for sound playback. This is interesting. Thank you!

Something in me doubts that a phone would be able to keep a cast session ongoing for an unknown length of time. But you can probably link it to your Google Home speaker with bluetooth.

Meanwhile, I have submitted a recipe request via IFTTT Google Assistant page.

“Able to set which Google Home speaker to play barking sound for 5 minutes at 80% volume”.

Let’s see.

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This video shows you how to trigger a tasker task with an IFTTT trigger Service.