THANK YOU for not ‘aging out’ old software!

I am probably not using the right terminology, as I’m not technologically inclined, But I’d like to thank you for making your app still workable on old devices. I had bought a couple different brands of cameras to try and use as a baby monitor, and your app was the only one that was able to be installed on my super old iPad. I have an iPhone 6, too, but I like a dedicated monitor screen, especially since I can’t run the monitor in the background on my phone— but I see it’s a wishlist item YAY!!! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, since I have many devices that have been rendered useless due to updates exceeding operating system capabilities and companies requiring updates for ANY functionality vs. keeping old versions available for those of us who can’t afford new computers/phones/tablets every few years. Thank you thank you! And I’ll keep an eye out for the ability to provide background audio in the future. Have a great one!