Terrible video

my newest camera has grainy lines, purple streaks any advice?

Welcome to the Forums @gipsonjody! That’s some picture!
Some questions:
Are you possibly neara strong source of electrical interference with your cam? TV, appliance, too close to router?
Have you tried Power Cycling the cam?
Have you tried moving the cam to a different location to see if it still gives this pic?
Any other cams having the same problem?
Have you tried changing the resolution on the cam?
Have you looked at playback, either SD card if you are using one or event video to see if it occurs also there?
You could try a Factory Reset on the camera if none of the above helps.
If none of these work(ed), I suggest you Open a ticket With Wyze Support

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move your usb plug to another outlet. different breaker line.

Move it to another room that that is [somewhat] free of electrical devices and re-test.