Telephoto pan cam

When you coming out with telophoto pan cam

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The Telephoto Cam Pan (multi lens) has been requested on the #wishlist.

You can follow the link, vote at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts on posts, and add you own post as a reply at the bottom.

Control the view of the telephoto pan cam with an associated wide angle Wyze cam that sits atop of the pan cam wall mount and uses AI to detect objects and then directs the telephoto pan cam to view and track the identified object for a close up view. The dual streams, wide angle and telephoto, will provide excellent security coverage and could make Wyze a leader in that market segment.

That is a great comment to add to the Pan Cam V4 wishlist for consideration. :slight_smile: Can i merge it over?

I believe I have put it there already, but if not, sure you can merge it.