TeamWyze ? WYZE CAR Operational Spec's & its Unknown Future Capabilities!

  1. What is the Line of Sight Operational Range, of Our Soon to be sent W-CAR ? using only the cell phone ?

2,. Will we be able to Park and Observe for long periods of time for our base ?

  1. Is it possible to use our Home WIFI sys Via PC/Laptop to to control W-CAR ? If Not Make IT So : ]

  2. Can we Extend it operational range using WIFI Range EXTENDER devices ?

  3. Why no IR Light vs visible led light shown, for Fully Covert Spy Car. I know the cam has IR Lights but not so good on the V2cam : [

  4. Will we able to program Waypoints to conduct PATROLs around Our SAFE-HOUSEs as we rest. ? IF NOT FIX IT so ; )

7 Upgrade LATER to the Vs3 cam or the PAN CAM ?

  1. What is the Model Scale/size of the Tires ?

  2. Motorized Pan Tilt Head for the cam. Add on YES !

  3. How about Smoke PODs ?

END Goal ? To Drive from Inside House at ranges of at least 300 ft. or around an 1 Arce lot !