T-stat question

Hi everyone

I have a question, so I’m wondering if I turn off my t-stat will it follow my schedule I have set

For example, Monday through Sunday at 12 am it goes into sleep mode , at 8 am it’ll go into home mode

I turned off my t-stat earlier today , so I’m wondering if it’ll kick into sleep mode at 12 am like it’s been scheduled to

I have not tested or verified that. But to me, it will not run the schedules if it is off. Will be interested to know what it actually does though


That’s what I thought

It would be nice if when turned off , it’ll be able to turn on and follow the set schedule .

Might have to request that on the wishlist :eyes:

It assumes when you turn it off that you don’t want it heating or cooling the house, so it should just stay off until you turn it back on.

Why are you turning it off? You can change the temp, and it will resume the old temp when the next schedule change happens if you don’t also ‘Hold’ that temp. So if you don’t want cooling, turn the temp up so the system doesn’t engage. Then everything will go back to the scheduled temps later.

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So i work a lot , and I set my differential temperature to 2 degrees . It helps reduce over usage of the hvac system

My girlfriend moved into my place so she’s at home more than I am , I have a busy work and personal schedule.

She’s complained that it’s too hot and that the ac doesn’t blow frequently to cool the house down.

Okay , I changed the differential temperature to 1° . Great , problem solved . Ac is blowing very frequently , well I have an older home with wooden floors so it gets cold really fast . Like a shivering cold , very uncomfortable. Anyway , now she’s complaining that it’s too cold . That the ac is blowing too much .

I woke up from my sleep in the afternoon (night shift), and I noticed it being too cold too so I just turned the t-stat off.

I was just wondering if it could be able to turn on the hvac system and follow the schedule even when turned off . I guess that’s too much to ask for in a smart thermostat.

I didn’t know what to do , but now I do . Thanks for the info

I guess it’s true after all , women can’t make up their mind :laughing::laughing:

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It’s unlikely that this feature would be implemented because it’s counterintuitive and would be confusing.

You shouldn’t have to turn off the thermostat at all unless the house will be unoccupied for a while. Instead, work on finding that “sweet spot” in your temperature settings. Instead of turning the thermostat completely off, just play with the temp.

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