System Service Status Push Notifications from App

Without outages such as todays (11/19/2018) (, I think it would be helpful to add system service status announcement to the apps push notifications so users are informed of the issue.

I think this should be opt-in but would be nice a lot of users are using these cameras as a security device.

We’re working on this right now. The dev team thanks you for your suggestion! :slight_smile:


@bradmcgonigle We just discussed this today. We have the basic requirements but there’s a lot of things that we need to consider. We need to be able to communicate the right message to the right customers and target properly - by device, platform, firmware, and app versions. We are also thinking about the overall experience, such as sending this only once or twice, or having this as push notifications vs. in-app dialog box. Thanks for the feedback


Totally agreed. There are definitely some complicated scenarios to work out but even just general system status updates would be helpful for the average user. Of course at the same time you don’t want to cause unnecessary worry for those consumers either.

Finding a balance could be hard but I think it’s definitely worth considering.


i totally agree on this thread. I was having repeated live feed issues today and stumbled on this thread. I didn’t know i would also had to check a systems issue. There is an issue on the front page today with regards to the live feed. Something generic as possible would be nice then build on that later.

There actually is a new popup message in the app to notify of a service issue. That was used today. But it’s a very manual process at this time, so it took a while to get it out. Should improve as it’s automated.


LOL. I wrote this reply at work yesterday and when I got home and re-opened the app I got the message on the app. This is good but it did take quite a while to notify me. I think it’s a great start. Cheers!!

It would be nice if Wyze setup a status page that users could subscribe to for outage alerts. Ecobee and SmartThings use

Given the recent wave or service disruptions, this should be a priority for you guys.

With statuspage, users can subscribe to receive notifications for an individual component or the entire wyze website and services.

It’s important to me to be able to monitor the status of the wyze services I use so I don’t have to get frustrated trying to figure out if an issue is due to a problem on my side or Wyze’s.

If you’re not sure what information would be too much or too little, you can always have a beta group test it out.

what does AWS do for their clients?

I am going to mark this as launched. This is something we now do when we are able to. Sometimes an outage makes it so we cannot send a message or sending it could strain the servers more. But when service issues happen that do not stop us from sending a message about it we will send them.