System security for RV or Motorhome on the road


Idea suggestion, for moving RV with no adresse👍

we Will get a RV trailer and :thinking:why not make security système for RV :+1:That se can Receiver texto on are Smartphone if somebody try to break IN :scream:.

:thinking:There no phone on a trailer or motorhome

How to Do :bulb::nerd_face:

sometime old technologie is cheaper and Do the job :+1:

Before let me talk about project that a Friend and me have start in 1997 call TVC 2000 :disguised_face:

TVC : Télé Véhicule Control

TVC: was a project for cars : to Start, unlock lock, Doors and Cut the motor if car is stolen.

we we’re able to send by phone a numeric message to are devise and sélect the option we want.

the car can ne in. China and you un USA and open the the or do other options, by a simple call with a combinaison of number.

in 2000 that was incredible :scream:, we did not commercial the devise, we have sold Just a fews to friends​:rofl:, There where no Kickstarter :wink:at that time :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: .

let Tall about that ils technologie that can help you creat that devise for RV.

what we use with the TVC was a pager from Motorola call CreataLink. with that devise install in the car we where able to send date to are TVC

we we’re using one pager line$4.99/month and can use that Line for thouand or cars.

how it work

when want to Start a Mycar Just have to call the pager Line:

Call the pager Line :

1-enter IDCAR 6 digits (123456) unique
2- PASSWORD 3 digits (123)
3- enter the option 1 digit ( 1 Start car, 2 lock, 3 unlock)
4- en the call

how process🤔

when you call the pager, every car on this line, ex 10000 cars, Receiver the first data the 6 digits IDCAR, but only one car Will Receiver the other data,

9999 cars not refuse the data because There IDCAR is wrong💡

the one car that the IDCAR Will process to the option sélect😉

i think with a pager you can Do a security système for RV :+1:

in 1997 we have done all the Design, Built, peogrammation of are TVC Device.

need more info

your Welcome

Regards !


That sounds like an amazing system! If love to see a video about how it worked and a demonstration. Pioneers!