Switching accounts easily. People asking since 2019

It is STILL truly ridiculous to me that this doesn’t exist in the Wyze app.
I have a set of Cameras at my home.
I have another Wyze account with a separate email address, etc., for my cameras at a second location.
I want to keep them totally separate and not share cams between home and the other locations, like the wyze app Is capable of today.
The pain in the butt part is I have to log out of my home Wyze account then enter the email address and password for the second location before I can view the cameras at the second location. It’s just so inconvenient. It would be better if the Wyzeapp simply did fingerprint/ Face ID auth like all the other modern apps… , Or allowed me to select a login profile for home or however many other locations or “sites” I have. Ridiculous…:confused:

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