Switch triggers stopped working over night

I have two Switches, both on closet doors set up to trigger Bulbs in the closets to turn on/off.

This morning the triggers are not working. I checked my history, the Switches are not being logged. I understand the routine to pull the Bridge and reset the connection. I should not have to do this though so am reporting the problem here.

Samsung S20 Utra
Android 10: Wyze App Beta 2.16.24

WCO Base Station

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.84
Scale 1.1.4 Plugin Version 1.11.7

wyze are have some issues for some users, another thread is addressing this issue, join the fun here Sensor automation not working - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (wyzecam.com)

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