Switch internal light, set to do the opposite

I would like to have the switch behave like all wall switches that have an internal light: the internal light should be ON when the light is OFF and vice-versa. Can wyze include this as a possible setting?

Thank you.

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I assume this is so that you can have multiple switches that control the same set of lights turn off those lights when turning off from a different switch then was used to turn it on. Correct?



A hallway with a single wyze smart light bulb in the middle of the hallway ceiling, controlled with only smart controls and powered on 100% of the time. Two wyze switches, one on each end of the hallway and both set to single press control that light with smart mode.


At the end of night after falling asleep watching SNL you head to the hallway and turn on the hallway light using the 1st Wyze switch, then you walk down the hall and hit the 2nd Wyze switch to turn it off, however it fails. Just then you remember you have to press the button twice because the first one (on the 2nd switch turns on the bulb and the second press then turns it off.

It seems we want a switch group that makes all the status and rules the same for a group of switches. That group of switches would all mimic (without action) the status of a switch that was activated by a human.

Simpler: usually a small light on in a switch helps find it during the night. It should be an option. What you mention is also interesting: LED rules based on group settings.

That was what I thought you wanted. It’s an option on my Zwave switches, but not on my WIFI ones from another vendor.

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