Swipe between screens in portrait and full-screen (e.g., swipe to switch cameras, back navigation)

Feels like this feature request is getting ignored :frowning:

One of the reasons I switched to Android was for the back swipe gesture, if wyze can add dark mode then I’m sure they can add a back swipe gesture.

C’mon wyze !

Hi folks,
The ability to easily cycle through the single camera views by swiping left and right is an absolutely basic/ must-have user experience functionality.
Swipe on the camera video/photo itself.

Swiping right outside of the camera video/image must continue to get the user back to the previous screen, with the camera list.
This sort of navigation is absolutely basic and a very surprising miss for this stage of development.

What’s the hold up? I see that your competitors have this functionality and the functionality has been requested for a long time. Come on Wyze…
Looking fwd to getting such functionality. Thank you

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The Maybe Later status is very nearly Probably Not, imo. Third party Android app tinyCam (free or pro $5) provides this functionality and many others worth checking out.

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Were you speculating that in App V3, a user will be able to swipe left or right in landscape mode to switch between live view of each camera? The fact that this isn’t the most requested feature is kind of baffling. This capability would improve the user experience immensely.

Can you share the anticipated timeline of App V3? Thanks.

Sorry, I don’t know anything new other than what I’ve already said.