Suspicious visitor caught on cam at 1am

Just bought a new house, and set up Wyze cameras…

This car drove down a dark and long private driveway at 1am- during the corona virus lockdown…

Why were they there?

Longer video here:

Looks like the security light turning on made them think twice about what ever their plans were…

I need a gate!


Not smart criminals coming in with headlights blazing. Duh. But good for you. Glad you stopped it. We live on a private lane with one house past us. I let them get past our house then when they realize it’s a dead-end and turn around I’m in the middle of a very narrow lane with a pretty good reason for them to stop and explain themselves. Usually it’s teenagers just “driving around” lol or a couple guys road tripping. I never call the cops. But they know not to come back. :wink:.

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it might help, it might not, but that appears to be a silverish jeep liberty or ford escape.


Wrong turn, exploring, drunk and lost. Hard to say if it only happens once or sporadically.

Security lights certainly help to mark your territory, so to speak.


Sounds like folks looking for a place to party. I can hear the music🎶 sounds rocking. Security lights on motion are definitely a good idea.
As is a welcoming committee like this:


but they don’t have lasers one their heads…I’ve been on that for 2 years now. :face_with_monocle:

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Darn! I’ll keep digging! I think it’s under research, but having technical difficulties:

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