Surprise Notification / Resurrection

So I was reading a web page on my phone and a Wyze notification popped up with a preview. I pulled down, clicked it, and watched the Wyze app launch and play the new person event.

What’s surprising about that? I haven’t received a Wyze notification on this, my primary Android phone, in a year.

The app hasn’t changed - it was sideloaded a year ago (ancient 2.8.24) and I don’t even have the Play Store on the phone.

The phone hasn’t changed. I’ve been declining a major Android update the entire time.

My account hasn’t changed. No new or changed subscriptions. My other iOS and Android devices have had working Wyze notifications.

Anybody else’s notifications suddenly back from the dead today?

Huh, so just me, then. It has to be related somehow to all their backend fixes from the great notification outage of 2/2021, but I can’t figure out how.

Still working today.

it probably just how/ what server that particular app version went through got merged with another one and since person detection is done through the cloud now voila you got the “new” detection because of a server reroute or merge through one that has the AI running.

only speculation though :slight_smile:

I must ask, why not update?

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Reasonable, except that this phone app was registering detections and person detections fine (until the outage). It was the Android notifications that stopped a year ago and have returned.

I never updated (a) because at first I was trying in vain to keep detection and (b) because updates so rarely bring benefits but instead bring new bugs, adware, complexity, overhead, and/or bad interface changes. Also, ( c ) it still works. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah and (d) I don’t use the Play Store. Oh and (e) I like to see how long things can hold together. And (f) it’s a pretty good diagnostic method to narrow down whether issues are app related. Just as in this latest wide outage I could say it wasn’t a client side or firmware update issue.

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when I read the last numbers lower than .36 thats what I figured lol

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