Surge protector causing power loss on line two which it is connected

While running the vacuum in my upstairs I noticed it was not sucking with the same force it normally does and it sounded abnormal. I powered it off and when I tried to power it back it wouldn’t power on at all. Then, I noticed other outlets had lost power. Resetting the breaker did not resolve the problem. But then I noticed the light on my Wyze surge protector was still on. It was connected to an outlet that seemed not to be providing power since the lamp attached to it would not work. When I unplugged the surge protector, power was restored to the outlet and several others that were affected.

Can you explain how your surge protector could do this? At the time of the power loss there were no devices plugged into the surge protector. Is your surge protector “protecting” the entire line of outlets somehow? Is this a normal behavior? Should I fear for my life?