Support Matter protocol

Yup, read that. But I can def wait a few years to buy or upgrade anymore. It will be added as they build out the standard.

Wyze has A seat on the board with other MATTER committee members. Cameras won’t be supported in the first release of MATTER protocol. It may be 2 years from now before any real traction is attained for MATTER as a standard. I too have been eagerly wanting products that use MATTER but I will have to be patient.


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Agreed. I’m guessing anywhere between 18mos-2.5years… but will worth it when it comes. A unified protocol/standard is sooo long overdue for smartphone… would’ve actually expected it to have come along years ago - when it didn’t, started to think it would never happen… the unified security standards/guardrails alone will be a game changer and is an area I’m watching extra close (I’m a security SME).

Well - here’s to more waiting!

I agree.
they’ll say it’s a hardware limitation, but I won’t be buying more just for Matter support. as they die I will switch to another established brand


If this can be done then it’s a one stop shop for all integrations. Any ETA on the Matter integration??

Matter integration… we’ll, Wyze could not (would not) get their app to work in landscape orientation, so you’ll probably be waiting YEARS.

It def can be done, and is being done - so general matter support is coming by end of year… but onset, will only be for things like switches/etc… they’re still working on designing the standard for cameras, there’s something like 12 categories where the standard hasn’t been finalized… cameras unfortunately being one of them… but exactly as far as integrations - all major platforms are adding matter support for their smart home control offerings (apple, google, SmartThings,

Eh, cam stream/playback works in landscape mode. Not sure there’s a huge benefit in the app itself moving to landscape

I do know that Wyze is involved in the Matter effort as indicated by the list provided of who is involved in one way or another. I am sure that Wyze is working on Matter compliant products.


There is/are, but we’ve been saying what they arr for years now so I won’t bother to repeat it/them again.

What’s Wyze’s position on Matter?

Is Matter in Wyze’s future?

Posted above with links to recent articles with Wyze statements. :point_up:


Wyze will never actually support matter. Just like everything else. They say they’re going to do it but they never follow through. They want to be their own standalone system. Joining the alliance doesn’t mean that they’re actually going to put the protocol in use

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May or may not be true, as with every other viciously competing vendor who would prefer their own locked ecosystem.

Well, MATTER dropped today and still no official word from WYZE that I can find. At this point none of my AI detections work. None of my notifications work. My doorbell Pro alerts me well after the person has left. My pan cam records next to nothing since it detects next to nothing. I’ve filed multiple logs and follow ups yet support has resolved nothing for me.

Sorry to hear you are having an issue, I have the same cameras without any issues, have you submitted logs?

Can you start with one camera and provide the camera Firmware and plugin version, app version, and a copy of your settings for event recording and notifications.

Also, do you use CamPlus? If so, a simple thing to try is to remove the camera from Cam Plus, clear local cache, logout of the app. The log back on, add CamPlus back and make sure you settings are correct, the. Try again.

ROKU “Matters” more at this point.

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Matter standardizes home automation across operating systems, platforms, and manufacturers.

I own multiple Wyze cams. I will not purchase any home automation products going forward unless they work with the Matter standards released recently.

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Seems like a curious bet but you do you. :slight_smile:

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