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does anyone know how long it takes to get support to replay back I emailed support back on may 18th and have not gotten any replay? Please see my email to support below and let me know if there is anything I have not tried to solve my issue.



Email to support:


I have a camera that keeps turning off and back on and it keeps getting stuck in that loop. With that being said it does not want to stay connected. I also have tried using good known power supply from another working camera. That does not change things. I have also put a good working camera in the same location to see if it was a wifi issue, the good camera worked fine. I have also tried a factory reset on the camera twice and that has not solved the issues. Please help.

From what I understand support is backed up about 2 weeks

And with the recent introduction of V2’s and Pan’s to Home Depot I expect it will get worse :frowning:

thanks for the feedback. I am just not sure what to do and resolve my issue.

Do you have an SD card installed in that camera? If so, please remove it and see if the issue stops. If so, you will either need to format that SD card in a PC (some people do it in a GoPro), or the card needs to be replaced.

thanks for the suggestion but there is not SD card in the camera. I did not want to put on in until i got this issue resolved.