Support for Pixel Tablet

The wyze app is not supported on the Pixel tablet Android 13. Please add support.

Welcome @bakerjeff_new2021 . Please make sure you vote for your Wish as one is not added automatically for you.

Also note, you can download the APK file and load in on the Pixel Tablet, I did that and it works relatively well. The App is not Landscape friendly on the Pixel Device, so you will need to use it in portrait mode to ensure full functionality.

I added my vote

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Added my vote. Just got the tablet and was hoping to load up the Wyze app to my surprise…not supported. Let’s go team! Let’s get this supported.

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Definitely need app for tablet, web app is a piss poor experience!!!

Where did you obtain the apk? I extracted it from my pixel phone and sideloaded on tablet and it crashes.

APK Mirror:

Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter (arm64-v8a + arm-v7a) (nodpi) (Android 7.0+) APK Download by Wyze Labs Inc. - APKMirror

Search for Wyze.

Please note: I am not a Wyze Employee but rather a community Volunteer.


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The APK didn’t work for me. Says file type not supported…

If you do a Google search for Wyze API you can find the lastest one and it works. I did v2.44.1.327

It only works in portrait mode not landscape ;(

Still waiting …

I have to say it’s pretty disappointing to get the new Pixel tablet for our home automation hub and then find that the one app that doesn’t work is Wyze. Really hope you include support for this device and format soon.