Support for Phones w/ Higher Resolution

As several others have posted, the app does not support higher resolutions. For example, I upgrade from an S8 to a OnePlus 7 Pro and now I am forced to constantly try to resize the playback. I would really like to keep my phone resolution in Auto Switch, and not always on lower resolution FHD+/2336x1080. My OnePlus 7 Pro handles QHD+ / 3120x1440.

I feel like this is a usability issues, although probably not a huge pain for most at the moment. In time I know this will affect more and more users as they move to the high res phones on the market.


I just tried viewing my Wyze camera feeds at 2960x1440. I don’t see any difference at all. This isn’t unexpected, you can’t get more pixels than what the camera sensors put out.

If what you’re saying is that you need to resize the feeds on your phone, that’s probably on your phone, as mine doesn’t have that problem.

No, I am not asking for higher res from camera. I am talking about screen resolution and viewing while holding the phone upright (portrait). My playback and events requires me to resize to fit the width of my screen.

Viewing in 3120x1440 is the issue, i need to scale it down on my phone to 2336x1080 or lower each time I view an event for example. Its just a pain point, very frustrating because I open the event, resize and then restart the event/playback again.

I don’t have to resize mine at higher display resolution. If your phone doesn’t, it should.

I spoke with the team about this and we’re wondering if there’s a compatibility issue/bug. Could you please send a log using Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue and replace the destination email with We’d like to take a look at this, @jaycapz.


Thanks for checking in. Interestingly the issue is now only limited to the events playback, not sure if a recent update fixed anything. I’ll submit the issue within the hour.



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I do not currently have an option to modify the destination e-mail, I only presented with the form, subject, details, etc. and a submit button.

When you click the submit button, it uses your email app, and you can change the email address there before you hit send.

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Thanks for the log, @jaycapz! @None is correct. :slight_smile:

A heads up, I accidentally sent to the default e-mail address, I just forwarded the email to I apologize for that, I was multi-tasking and made the mistake. :frowning:

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Thanks for letting me know! We totally get how easy it is to forget the step. The important thing is that we have the log and we appreciate your help with this! :slight_smile: