Support external USB cam

I would love to be able to plug in an endoscope into the wyze cam and switch between the 2 cameras. I have a wyze cam in 1 of my Bee hives but it can only fit on the top so I want to add an endoscope that will fit down in between the frames.

Don’t the bees wax over the endoscope?

At some point they will but I am in my hives every week so its easy to clean it. They have not waxed up the Wyze cam in the top of the hive yet.
I use a Solar Panel, Car battery and Solar Charger with USB to power the Wyze camera out in the Apiari. Having the Wyze audio function is awesome so I can hear the hive. Cant wait for the sensors to come, gonna see if I can count bees coming and going if the sensor is accurate enough, otherwise I will use them to detect Bears in the area…

wow Dans, any picture or insight how to power the Wyze with the solars panel, car battery, and solar charger? I would like to do that too. websites or instructions… and equipment info. thx in advance

You will need some form of Solar Charger like this one

Then a car battery, a new one is best or even better a trolling motor battery since they are deep cycle and are meant to drain down and recharge again

Then a PV cell, I have a 20 watt on it now but I may bump up to a 100w cell
something like this

then depending how much power you need out in the field you can upsize and add a 2nd battery and even add a DC to AC inverter if you need 110v.
I also plan to add a Raspberry Pi project I am working on that will have strain gauges to monitor the weight of the hive and temp and humidity sensors.