Super slow cam connection speed renders it useless

Theses cameras are toys, and they cannot be used as serious security devices since the connection speed is slow. Furthermore, if you walk in front of the camera and walk fast, the camera won’t capture anything.

Basically they are only cheap toys only!


Since you tagged the topic as the WCO v2, I am guessing your running into the wake up time between when the pir detection system detects motion, then wakes the camera up to begin recording.

You can increase the quickness of detection and wake up the camera by changing the camera angle to include more of the approach, making sure the motion is more of a side to side motion as opposed to straight on. There are several previous topics that talk about motion detection and tips and tricks for the WCO cameras with the por detection system.

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As recommended in this post and your previous post you should read all the available information on the features of the cam and the rest of the information. I have used the old Version one WCO since November 4th 2020 and have had good results. Maybe this cam is not for you depending on what you are trying to view, large area or small? If small area get a plug in powered V3, V3 Pro or an OG cam.

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The old versions worked great. V3 is terrible.

:rofl: OK I have three V3 cams that are almost senior citizens in camera years. :grin: