Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for rules

This would be great to have so that I don’t have to consistently edit the time of the triggers for the lights in the house. We use multiple motion sensors and door/window sensor to control Wyze bulbs and plugs and hopefully one day in wall light switches for those switches to. We recently made the move to Wyze environment from Samsung cause it it is a more complete system and it is wonderful minus a couple small this like sunrise/sunset with +/-, in-wall wifi light switches.

That’s a great idea! thank you for sharing!

From my experience, calculating exact sunrise and sunset based on longitude and latitude is not a simple calculation. I’ve done it once, and if you’re rusty on your trigonometry, you won’t understand. While it boils down to one equation, calculating cosines and tangents are probably not keyword commands already built-in with their programming language. It takes a lot of lines of code to program, which means more memory in the devices than they may have originally.

But, if they don’t want to do all the math, there are a couple of different ways they could go around this. Using longitude/latitude, download a lookup table for that location containing a record of the sunrise/sunset times for a year. From year to year, the time does vary, but by less than a minute. This probably takes less coding and memory allocation than using trigonometry.

The other option I would suggest, to use even less memory, although less accurate, would be to have the device download the sunrise/sunset times for the first day of the month, and then offset the remaining days of the month by a variance of ~ 2 minutes per day. Just be careful around the solstice when the time offsets in the other direction, and of course, daylight savings.

One option I request, is to have both the start time and end time set by either a fixed time or by sunrise/sunset. Let’s say I want the lights on at sunset, and off at 11 pm (instead of sunrise). I think this would be more user friendly than having the user make separate rules to do this.


+1 on this request. I can’t believe it is not already in there? What good does it do to schedule a light coming on at a time if you constantly have to change it due to the sun’s phase?

… ok.

Or you could use yahoo, google, NOAH, etc. data base and your currently shared location.

Even better would be to make this an option, whether to get sunrise/sunset times from a third party, or to get them from calculations (for those with poor/no internet connection at the Wyze plug).
I currently have a Wyze plug turn on at sunset via IFTTT using Weatherunderground for sunset times, but the timing is so erratic. Within one week, Ifttt is running the applet at 15 minutes before sunset, when it’s supposed to, or as much as 30 minutes after sunset the very next night. I have a great internet connection, but I would rather not use a third party like this for sunset times.
In my experience, when I programmed an outdoor lighting system based on light sensors, I also put in fallback times, so that if the light sensors failed or were tricked by clouds, the lights would stay off after a certain time (the known latest sunrise of the year), or turn on after a certain time (the known latest sunset of the year). Not sure if this could/should be added as an option, or to just set it up as an additional rule.


My Samsung phone has a toggle for triggering the display’s blue light filter at sunrise/sunset. Can’t be that hard.

This would be handy if you’re using motion detection to turn on a light. For example, you want to turn on the porch light when you come home, but only if it’s dark.

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Hell, I’d be happy with a device trigger.

If Wyze Cam changes to night vision in auto mode, turn on Wyze Bulbs etc

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Any status for this wish list item to add sunrise/sunset triggers? I am using IFTTT but it is not always reliable.

Will Wyze add the ability of scheduling the bulb to turn on at sunset? So many other smart devices have this basic ability, it would be great if the Wyze bulb would have it, too within the app.

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I currently have the Lifx bulb and would like to request some features that are available in Lifx into Wyze.

Feature request list:

  1. Turn ON/OFF bulb automatically set based on local time sunrise / sunset
  2. When turning ON/OFF, allow the user to set the fade in / fade out time (i.e. fades in over 30 minutes etc.)
  3. ADVANCED AUTOMATION: Allow bulb to be configured ON/OFF between a certain schedule, but within that schedule, you can set the bulb at different brightness during night. I.e. at sunset, bulb turns on at 100%, however after 11pm bulb dims to 20% and then at 6am bulb goes back to 100% and then turns off at 7am (which is sunrise).

All the features requested above are already available in Lifx and I’m sure they would make the Wyze Bulb a much stronger offering.



Sleep Routines is launched in the newest Wyze app! You can find it in the Bulb settings (after updating the firmware). We are working to making the lighting experience more pleasant in our daily lives! :slight_smile:

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Really really wish I could set my bulbs to go on at Sunset. Every few months I check back, but it’s still missing. It’s a pain to have to manually update schedules every few months.


@tokyo.daryl I totally hear you. I’m sorry the sunrise/sunset triggers haven’t happened yet. We are working on it. Thank you for your patience.


Adding sunrise/sunset to start/stop under time option of setting up a rule would be appreciated!! Another option to add under time would be a timer. For example: when back door opens between sunset and sunrise, turn on hallway light for 5 minutes.



I would really like to see this!

It would be nice to be able to turn on or off devices on a schedule according to the sunrise and sunset values for that day. The existing schedule options only allow you to specify a specific time. Other manufacturers smart home devices offer this feature. It would be great if Wyze could, too.


Another vote for sunrise/sunset triggers.

Fairly easy to implement IMHO,

or calculate it if you don’t want to use a 3rd party API

And before the question comes up about location permissions, I started using an API that gets location from your IP address. Unless your using a VPN, it would be close enough for sunrise/sunset


I just received the Cam Outdoor and see that there is a setting to time lapse when sunrise or sunset is selected. I also have a wyze bulb that does NOT have that option. Why? As a former coder, I would think that you can just copy/modify the code from the outdoor cam and integrate into the bulb code, no? And although someone in support said that the outdoor cam is made for the outdoors and the bulb isn’t, so what? So many other devices on the market that are made for indoors have sunrise/sunset logic for scheduling.
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