I have a suggestion I really would like to see a garage door opener or controller in the works.

I would really like to be able to speed up playback (2x, 3x, etc)

Also, would be incredibly helpful to have scrubbing functionality so I can easily scrub through the footage & find a particular moment without having to watch sections in real-time and guess at when something happened.

The way our cameras have to face (busy road & odd angle), we can’t use the motion detection or we would get a notification every 5 seconds. If we ever need to find footage of something I waste so long trying to guess exactly when it happened and then have to watch everything in real time.

A wyze meat thermometer

I need the ability to set up timelapses on a repeated schedule. I also think that it would be great to be able to schedule the execution of a Rule — i.e. at 8am every day, run “Rule #3”.

And Rules should be able to do way more than they do. Give me a rule that allows me to snap a picture. Or sound the alarm. Or pan. Or whatever the camera can do via manual control.

It would be great to be able to swipe between multiple cameras, from one camera to the next after viewing a camera within the home page… almost the same manner as swiping through events in the events tab.

I have the new Pan Cam V3. It would be nice if the front of the lower base was beveled in the front. I mounted my camera high above the front door. When looking downward (close) the lower base gets in the way of the camera view. I had mounted the camera even higher but lowered it a foot or so just so I could see if a person is standing at the front door. I want to mount it high (i.e., within hand reach) in order to prevent someone from simply yanking it off of the wall.

I have a dark siding house. It would be nicer for someone like me if ALL of your camera models came in black (including the power cords/adaptors). I’m not necessarily trying to hide my cameras but rather just to make them blend in better with the theme of the house. I would even be willing to pay a little extra for this color option if it was available.