Suggestions for a small accessory IR light

I’ve mounted a v2 cam on the outside of a glass vivarium. Of course, the IR light reflects off the glass at night, making it mostly useless. I thought I’d turn off the camera IR light while keeping night vision on and place a small IR light on top of the tank,

But the products I’ve seen are pretty powerful–made for illuminating the outdoors up to some distance and in a wide field; I need it to travel about 18" in a similarly sized cone. I’d like low power draw and something that doesn’t produce much heat, and that gets power from AC. Anyone familiar with a product like this?
I haven’t found much to indicate that the tank inhabitants (vampire crabs) can sense IR, but I thought I’d minimize it, to be safe.

As you have already found, most of the IR lights sold to be used with IR cams are Blasters that also produce an excessive amount of heat. Not good for the Crabitat.

If you have another cam, you might use that to shoot the IR from the top.