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I would a selection where we can make suggestions… I love these camera and what they can do for the price. I would to be able to set a preset home postion for the wyze pan… when it reboots it point at a location I don’t need it to. Also would like to be able to change the alert sound on the cameras… I know with Android 9 it’s possible, but I have Android 7 and I can’t change the sound with out using ifttt app… Thank you

Hi @josevelez81, and welcome to the forum. The categories you should thoroughly search are #wishlist and #roadmap. You can look there to see if the same suggestions have already been made. If not, you can submit a topic to #wishlist. But as I said, please search the topics well before submitting your suggestion there. :slight_smile:


The wishlist section has at least one of your suggestions. Vote for it here:

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Hey There Wyze Team

I just bought my first wyze hardware just waiting on delivery, I live in south africa so was unable to buy from wyze direct as there is no option for delivery in SA. I have been following you guys for a while now and can wait to setup my things. But i do see some ideas.

Maybe make plus that fit for european market as well like the round we use 230v socket type C,F and M
and maybe a delivery option for South Africa. And then of course there are a ton of new products that i cant wait for you guys to start like led strips, multi sensors for temp, humidity ect. flood sensors and fire, gas, and smoke sensors. now that you guys have done door-lock maybe create a siren with a app feature where we can activate an alarm for the house. I love the app but I have bought a ton of other smart home devices so I use Home Assistant so if all this comes with easy home assistant integration. Then well… I probably not need anything else.

Thx for the awesome product

Welcome to the community, @renierjvr. I think you might find some of your ideas may be already on the forum. :slight_smile:

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