Suggestion: Possible to have both Beta and Main-branch app on same phone?

I was playing around with the app, and I noticed that the current beta app (2.5.35) seems to be behind the current main branch of the iOS app, (2.5.45) at least in terms of version number. (Shouldn’t it be ahead of the main-branch version?)

I know that I can separately download the main Wyze app from the iOS app store, but when I do that, it overwrites the WyzeBeta app. I’m just curious if it’s possible to use both at the same time. Seems like it would be useful to allow that, if you guys are soliciting feedback. Beta testers can then easily check whether the behavior is specific to the beta app or not. That’s technically possible now, but it requires re-downloading the app from the app store each time.

I don’t believe iOS allows running two copies of the same app, and that’s how both the public and beta releases appear to iOS (same bundle identifier). Wyze would have to release a separate Beta app with a different bundle id in order to run both at the same time. I’m not an iOS developer so I don’t know what kind of restrictions Apple has on beta versions, but Wyze may not be able to do beta releases under a different id.

Ah. That may be so. The apps do have different titles. (Wyze vs WyzeBeta) But maybe that doesn’t matter.