Suggestion: Notification Snapshot

I receive a fair amount of notifications from various apps, and the less I have to unlock my phone and open up individual apps the happier I am. I’ve noticed one of my colleagues has his foscams set up to send him notifications that include a photo that appears right in the notification on his lock screen. If this is a possibility for WyzeCam notifications, it would save many people the time of going from BUZZ “Oh, there’s movement. Let me unlock my phone, open the app, and let the app download the 12 second clip on my mobile network to see who it is.” to BUZZ “Just a squirrel.”

Also, as a bonus, if you could include this feature with smartwatch notifications like Instagram does, that would just be down right awesome!

I forwarded this to the keeper of the feature request list.

If It interferes with the Free cloud Storage then NO

I don’t know whether this is possible to easily implement, but if so, I don’t see why it would have any affect on free cloud storage.

I see your screen name is your email address, you might want to change that?

Thanks! Not sure why that was the default, but its good now!