Suggestion: Add sunrise & sunset to start & stop times

I have a suggestion for an enhanced feature: On the Alert Settings page, can we enhance the alert start & stop times to include sunrise & sunset for the camera’s location, plus or minus a user-definable number of minutes?

Say if I am in Indianapolis, then I can permanently set a start or stop time x number of minutes before or after sunrise or sunset in Indianapolis. You should be able to set locations independently for each device, as our cameras can theoretically be all over the world.

Many of us who use these cameras indoors to peer outdoors get reflections that can trigger an alert. For me, that is mostly from car headlights outside the trigger window reflecting off blinds inside the trigger window. I can control the issue by restricting my alert start and stop times to daylight hours. The problem with that is I currently have to keep readjusting the times throughout the year, as those times change.

Thanks for anything you can do!

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