Suddenly getting Vehicle Notifications even when disabled

So this morning, 2 of my 3 V3s started sending me Vehicle notifications even though I’ve never enabled this type of notification. Since it was sending these ever time the wind blows and shadows move, its REALLY annoying. The 3rd V3 is in a location that doesn’t get motion, so i dont know if it was impacted. I only have Person notifications enabled. I havent updated the app or firmware in months.

Here’s what i tried for each divice that DIDN’T work:

  1. enable - save - disable this notification type
  2. Restart Service from app
  3. Restart device from app
  4. power cycle device
  5. Force close and reopen the app

Here’s what DID work;
Force close the app, delete cache, delete data, open the app, check settings

Bottom line, is anyone else having issues with suddenly getting vehicle notifications?

I might be wrong, but once in a while the notifications go nuts. I attribute that to the back end AI algorithms learning/resetting or whatever technical jargon might be. They act weird for day or two and then they return to normal.

Unfortunately, the same behavior has shown up again today in the same 2 V3s. Well at least I know how to fix it.

But what a hassle to have to delete all data from this app every day.

The backend (AI or not) shouldn’t be ignoring app settings.

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I don’t have any issues with notifications.

I turned them off.


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Are you referring to ssummerlin or Wyze?


ssumerlin, for turning notifications off.

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