Subscription Question

Ok I had a yearly subscription for one camera a and upgraded today December 18 for 3 cameras and it’s a yearly subscription but it renewes in March of 2024 which is only about 3-4 months anyone that can answer why that is.

@WyzeSeth could you respond to this?

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Also says I goes into effect immediately but no payment has been taken out of my account either curious on that as well

I am fairly confident that you had some “time” left on your current subscription so we did some sort of proration of the bill so that you wouldn’t be charged until later. Not 100% sure on this.

Check your DMs, @WyzeSeth should have reached out

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Just an update here. I worked with @igotrightstooo to understand a bit more about the subscription in question. This was found to be handled from the Google Pay system. During the upgrade from 1 to 3 licenses, Google automatically handled the math to prorate the next billing date based on the amount that was already paid for the previous yearly plan earlier this year. Since the quantity increased, so did the yearly price, so the next charge date was moved up. Hopefully the answer to this question helps others with similar situations.