Submit video for "research"

Please take this post with a little tongue-in-cheek… Not really looking for a “solution”, more like just venting. :upside_down_face:

So I’m a little confused about these options to submit a video for “research”.

At one point, a while back (before the big person detection change?), it used to ask “Did you see a person?” and you could submit the video for further analysis. Seemed simple enough.

And then recently, I could have swore it was changed to say “Was this useful?”. This is where the trouble began. Yes, it was useful that motion was alerted when a car drove past. No, it was not useful when the wind was blowing the trees and causing shadows to trigger motion. But HOW do I answer the question when the video shows a vehicle driving through the scene and yet it gets flagged as having a person causing the motion? Yes, it was useful, but NO, it didn’t have a person. Did it get flagged as having a person in the video because they’re assuming driverless vehicles aren’t wide-spread yet (and if that’s the case, why aren’t ALL videos with cars flagged as having a person?)

And now, today when I look, I see the question just says “Submit this video to help research”. Well, what kind of videos are they looking for, to “research”? Should I just submit ALL of them? :upside_down_face:


Talk about YMMV. I would NEVER think to classify a car as successful person detection, no matter what (even if face were clearly visible).