Stuck on yesterday

My Wyze cam has been working great until today. My cam is stuck on yesterday Jan 16th and won’t advance to today Jan 17th.

I’m getting notification alerts but can’t view them because the cam is stuck on Jan 16th or older dates. I unplugged it for a minute, plugged it back in and no change.

Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

I have experienced that also. What I did was reboot my cell phone and all was well.

Well that did it! Thank you for the response.

I hope this won’t be a regular occurrence but I suppose it’s good to reboot your phone once in a while to clear out glitches like this.

Thanks again.

I don’t believe it is a problem with the cams but rather the app. I experience the same issue on my iPhone. I simply quit the app (for my iPhone 8+ I just double click the Home button then flip up the Wyze app to quit), then restart it and things are fine. I’m sure this is a minor, albeit irritating, bug the Wyze dev team will fix.