Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware

I replaced mine with a Blink DB with Sync Module 2 for $50 total . My Wyze cams shamed me for my disloyalty, and I felt sad but the Blink DB is working fine with no aggravation, so that’s that. I hope that someday soon Wyze can get back on track but I just couldn’t take any more aggravation right now, especially with frozen food deliveries, etc.

So, I have had my doorbell on night vision mode for the past 24 hours and only had it get caught up on the step 3 of 3 I think 3 times in total, but just closing the app and restarting it fixed it. I can switch back to daytime vision once I get to the camera and view what I need to (next door neighbors very nice car when he gets home). I still receive all the notification I need as well as the recording of the person notification, yes it’s in black and white but looks just as good. Kind of disappointed in Wyze for letting this go one for so long but really glad I found this forum! Hope this helps other people. I will still continue to update this in case something else happens.

Update on my update.

It’s been 10 days since I received and installed my replacement (which I did not upgrade the firmware), and I have YET to have this issue again. My doorbell has worked as expected and just like it used to work prior to the .060 update. I have NEVER seen this issue on my new doorbell, it has authenticated every single time.

This isn’t a transformer issue, it’s a firmware issue.

What FW version did that ship with?

:roll_eyes: Duh!

Answered above. Disregard!

it is running

You would think a company that understands what it sells, would push the old firmware to all the people having problems. But 6 months later, here we are.

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My first camera worked fine for a week until I updated the firmware to .060. I then upgraded the firmware to beta .090 with no improvement. I returned that camera and installed a new one making sure not to upgrade the firmware. It has worked flawlessly for 20 days now. The firmware I’m running is .267. Without a doubt, it’s a firmware issue.

My doorbell probably has different hardware than those having issues. If it was 100% firmware my doorbell would also have the issue. It has been fine since the time I installed it.

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My doorbell is affected, so I run it with Night Vision Mode “ON” not “AUTO”.
My firmware is at just like yours, but my Plugin Version is
It has been installed since 9/24/2021

It very well may be a hardware compatibility issue with a batch that was sourced and manufactured with a slightly different chipset or digital component that is conflicting w\ the FW.

Mine is not affected either. But with the remedies submitted it should provide some clues as to where to look.

The manufacturing batches would be tracked by the MAC.

Mine is in the 7C:78:B2:XX:XX:XX SERIES


My MAC prefix is the same as yours SlabSlayer. We may never know the cause of this. It may be that I used the 45 degree mounting bracket. It may be my voltage is not consistent. It may be a difference at the board level that we are not aware of (like a flaky batch of capacitors). It may be an assembly problem at the factory. It has been a hot summer and very humid down here which could make the problem worse.

The Video Doorbell PRO version (in battery mode) works fine for me, so there is that option, but it is $100! We all deserve to have a working doorbell, and should get one at some point. They should either replace the ones we have (my warranty runs out in less than 30 days), or upgrade us to the PRO version.

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They are replacing units under warranty and shipping new ones with older PFW. There are posts from users who have done that and not update the FW. If mine was affected and still within warranty I would absolutely call that one in immediately and get a new unit but not update the FW.

I created a ticket online, received back an email with a list of things to try.
Over the last 11 months most of this I have done several times.

Canned response.

I would recommend calling them directly with the ticket number and specifically stating that none of the remedies worked and ask specifically for a warranty replacement.

I did the same thing and refused to perform all the steps.

Only problem is I’m out of warranty, only by a month or is, when this started.

The MAC address of my video doorbell is 2C AA 8E F7 xx xx

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I was the same as you, just missed the warranty period when this all started. However, I contacted them about all this and they sent me replacement doorbells! They sent me the steps too and I told them that wasn’t the issue.

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Thanks for that info. I’m going to contact them to see if I can get a replacement too.

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Call or e-mail them. If out of warranty they should still replace it, they broke it. It’s not like the hardware failed or anything like that. Plus, the more doorbell’s they need to replace, maybe the more urgency to fix it, if it can be fixed at all.

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I got further along in the return process yesterday. They asked for my address, phone, serial numbers, etc.
I would love when I pull this thing off to see if it hangs up when running on power via the “hidden” USB port. People are selling them new with chimes for <$40 on EBAY.

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