Stuck at 3 of 3 Authenticating - Firmware

When I had this doorbell I experienced everything that everyone here is complaining about. I always thought it was the transformer but I went ahead and purchased the AC adapter for this and the issues still continued. The fact that yours works as you say, kinda leads me to believe its a mixture firmware and server issues.

Interesting. I’ll have to give me transformer a look-see and maybe try upgrading it. Worst case if it doesn’t help I can just return it.

I’m sorry but my Doorbell has been working flawlessly for months with the same transformer.
Like most users, everything went downhill when Wyze pushed this new lousy firmware that broke the connection process.

This is purely a software issue.

Also, there are days where it’s working fine. I could post saying that everything is fine but, it would be an anecdote. Accessing the Doorbell frequently will reveal the issue that is still affecting a fair amount of customers.
And even if some customers don’t have the issue, it’s the Wyze responsibility to identify and fix the problem they created.

There is also the possibility that some components inside the doorbells are different. We don’t know who they sourced components from, and if they are all the same. Mine works pretty good though with the Night Vision Mode set to “ON”, 480P resolution, and rules that restart it twice a day (daylight and dusk). If it was voltage related, you would think turning OFF the “White Light LED” would help (under advanced settings), but it did not seem to help in my case.
I ordered the PRO version (wish it had an SDcard), and will just run it on the battery, I will leave the original V1 doorbell hooked up hoping for a future firmware fix.
I do not like the bubble vision view the PRO employs, but I guess it shows more of the front porch.

As a test, I watched the video for a few seconds, closed the app, reopened it and watched the video again. I did this 5 times and each time the doorbell image popped right up.

I was an early adopter so perhaps the hardware is different.

I bought mine over a year ago so mine may have older components too. Mine worked great until this particular update. I’m going to try the transformer…nothing to lose.

Thanks for the insight, TomG. I’ve got 2 Video doorbell cams on two separate properties but they each use the exact same power supply. One cam works great, one hangs up on authenticating 3 of 3. Go figure……

My Wyze VDB Pro just arrived. It shipped at 50% charge, so it will be 2 hours before I can mount it.
It takes 8 seconds to load the image, but it does load every time so far (even after the firmware update).
If it would have included an SDcard slot, I might give it 4 out of 5 stars!

Exactly. Mine was stable for at least 4-6 months before I had these issues, and now with my non-updated replacement I am back to stability. So maybe the home hardware could be to blame, but definitely not the main culprit when SO MANY folks SUDDENLY experience this AT THE SAME TIME.

It would be very convenient to blame home hardware…

The problem is that I have several iOT devices and they’re all working fine. As was the Doorbell before the lousy firmware. And my Cam v3 has never experienced any issue.

My network is rock solid. Nope. Their fault.

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I tried a higher quality transformer. Same issues

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So I have been having this same issue, even had a replacement doorbell camera sent from Wyze but still having the same issue (really wanting a new firmware update to come out already). I have been scouring through the forums to find a fix or even a work around without have to settle on getting the Doorbell Pro model and what I have found that (so far :crossed_fingers:t3:) is working for me to get past the step 3 of 3 quite quickly is turning the night vision to on. Yes the video will be in black and white but at least I can get into live view quick and effortlessly. I also have shut off the white led for safe measure, not sure if it will do anything better (I have a porch light that lights up my porch and door very well). I will keep this updated as to if this continues to work or fails at some point.

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Is there anything new to report on this? I have two hardwired doorbells and both have consistently been having the same problems, One is just wired to the old doorbells wires and one is wired to a wall wart. Both have the same problems of getting stuck at 3 of 3 authenticating.

Often they will actually record when someone walks by the door. And if you ring the doorbell you WILL get a notification. But when you try to respond or open the camera in the app, it just doesn’t load. Actually sometimes it does load; checking now and it actually IS loaded. Also, my firmware for this particular doorbell is, which, going by this thread, is like at least 4 months old. Don’t have the option to upgrade. The OTHER camera (which is older) has the firmware… just checked and it’s not working. This camera is older than the one with the older firmware for some reason.

I am a bit of a fanatic for Wyze stuff (in my app I have 43 different wyze devices listed, included about 25 cameras ( 15 are for my boarding kennel). I generally don’t have problems with anything BUT these dang doorbells.

Does the battery version do this? I REALLY need these two doorbell cameras to work; it seems crazy that this hasn’t been fixed. I even bought a third doorbell camera last week to swap one out and see if it helps. But reading this this thread I’m not so sure. I haven’t tried customer support, but I’ll do that next.

To get firmware update, you need to put the doorbell’s into Beta program. DO NOT, i do mean DO NOT update the doorbell at .042. If you think it’s bad with .042 it’s basically unusable with every version after .042. The one at .060, you can try and go to .090 (beta program), seems to be better for some.
The doorbells are junk. The Pro seems to be better, if you need to stay within ecosystem, call Wyze and demand working product, possible they will do something with going to Pro. IMHO, look into something else.

My V1 Doorbell is at
The only way I can use it is to go into Advanced Settings and turn “ON” Night Vision Mode (take it out of AUTO).
I also set my video resolution to 480p (from HD). These settings along with restarting the doorbell with a rule at sunrise and sunset make it usable. This has really been a buggy device!
The original door/window sensors are in the same category.
Good luck!

I did purchase the Wyze video doorbell pro last week, and it is working well. If you can deal with the “Bubble-Vision” view and no SDcard slot, it could be your solution (it is much bigger than the original Wyze doorbell V1 too).
I am running it in battery mode, and it installed easily. The firmware updated, and it works pretty good.
It does cost over $100 after tax and shipping though. I left the other doorbell next to it on the opposite side of the door hoping for a future firmware update.

At some point (as it has been going on for 6 months) Wyze has to start offering refunds for the return of these devices - regardless of date purchased (or an exchange for doorbell pro, which users say is working).

The devices were working until their changes made them inoperable. They have had more than enough time to fix this issue.


They just sent me 2 new ones to replace the 2 I have. Not the pro but the original ones I purchased. I just won’t update them. None of the people I talked to appeared to know of the ongoing issue with these and the firmware.

My Wyze Doorbell has been “stuck at step 3 of 3” most times I access it for the last many months since one of the firmware updates. While every other camera I have on the same network is nearly flawless. I read through the thread and thought there is no way that putting the cam into night mode would fix it because as a software developer for embedded systems like this, that would make solving the problem a piece of cake for Wyze.

Sure enough night mode instantly solved my problem, and even then you can switch back to non-night mode and connect quickly at least for a little while but sure enough it gets stuck and step 3 again. However if you leave it on night mode, I’ve yet to see step 3 again. It’s appalling that Wyze would let this bug go this long.


Can someone with Android phone try this for me:. Press and hold Wyze Appp Icon, select App info, force shutdown. From same screen hit Open, App will open, go to doorbell right away, does doorbell load quickly? Does it go to live feed right away? Or does it go to a static image (look at the time stamp). On my phone, if i do those steps, the doorbell loads quickly, in fact fastest way to see if someone at the door. Thanks