Stronger power supply with Sense bridge, no more reboots, longer sensor range

Hi all. Just wanted to share my experience with a V2 cam and the Sense kit. Since I received my Sense kit and added the bridge to the V2 cam, I have noticed that the cam is occasionally clicking away, I assume it was resetting as I couldn’t access it during those times. I had a old Apple 2.1A power supply sitting around, so I used it instead of the Wyze supply. I noticed two things. The camera has not clicked or reset since I am using this power supply, And one of my Sense sensors which is far away and used to sometimes drop off has now been solidly connected. I’m guessing the extra power has given the bridge receiver a little extra range? I’m wondering if Wyze shouldn’t include a slightly stronger power supply in the future? Am I the only one who has noticed this?

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There are several threads that talk about the same thing. Here are some of the observations I have noticed in different threads that affected the bridge and camera.

  • Daisy chaining cameras
  • Longer USB cords
  • Using alternate, under-rated USB power
  • Some Wyze USB dongles not supplying enough power (especially with Pan Cams)
  • SD card issues

Thanks for the summary. Certainly sounds like a slightly stronger power supply could be a good idea in the future. I would love to know if anyone else has noticed a difference in signal strength to the Sense sensors with a more powerful power supply.

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I would like to add a little more to my story. I recently bought a Wyze Pan cam and put it in the spot where my V2 cam with bridge was. Just because the Apple power supply was still there, I used that one right off the bat. The bridge had all sorts of issues, so I rebooted and used the OEM Pan power supply. This looked much more promising. But the main thing I noticed was that the signal strength to all my sensors had now decreased to one bar (all were at least 2 bars with V2 and Apple power supply). One of my contact sensors has actually become completely unreliable, and only reports a door opening but never in a closed state. I even tried re-pairing it and that didn’t help. Not sure whats going on. Is the Pan producing some of its own interference? Or is the larger size blocking some of the signal? Or is the power supply not strong enough again? Maybe an update will fix things.

I have brought up my suspicions of the Pan power supply and Sense bridge issue up to Wyze. I have included a link to this thread to them. I will try to let you know what I find out. Please tag me if you don’t see a response here in a few days.

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I’ll share this with the rest of the team. Thanks for bringing me in, @DreadPirateRush!

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So I fixed the problem after trying all sorts of power supplies, disconnecting and re-adding the sensors and even 8 second re-booting the bridge/hub.
The problem ended up being that there is a hidden metal frame in the door near where the sensor was attached to. Somehow it must have interfered with the sensor. I added a one inch plastic piece to put more distance between the sensor and the door, and now it works flawlessly with the Pan cam.

All this messing around taught me a few things, and I thought I’ll leave this for others and maybe the Wyze staff to help draw conclusions.

  1. The V2 cam definitely has issues with the original power supply and the hub combined.

  2. The V2 cam with the Apple power supply gets better signal strength from the sensors than the Pan cam (Pan cam with original power supply - other stronger power supplies didn’t seem to make a difference in stability or signal strength).

  3. The V2 cam with Apple power supply and hub had no problem with the sensor and the metal door frame. The Pan cam could not read the sensor closing, only opening. Not sure if that was due to lower signal strength or other factors.

Hope this helps.

I also found stronger powder supply helped alot but didnt actually fix it but i have’ i belive, figured it out!

I’ve got a bunch of Wyze stuff broken down in my bench and the first thing I’ll do this weekend is measure the power draw of all the devices. It’s interesting that more Watts seems to improve range on sense :thinking:

Following this thread to see everyones results. I’d definitely be willing to purchase higher rated power supplies for more stability.

I’d also like to point out if you use the outdoor full enclosures from amazon they can tend to overheat; also causing those blackouts. Removing the unneeded magnet swivel base tends to give it just enough airflow to stay on in those extremely hot days.

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Any luck Solardave? Have my first set of cameras on the way and Sense soon to follow. Thank you in advance!

If you check out the link I posted it seems the issues been figured out. And after the modification I mentioned in it it’s been two or so months without a single disconect

I would like to add one more thing I noticed over the months, The Pan cam still has a lot worse reception with the hub compared to the V2. However, when it reboots, it reads all sensors just fine at full strength right when it comes back online. Then, it drops down to poor reception and stays that way. I’m not sure if that is a software bug, or if something inside the camera turns on a little later in the reboot process which causes interference, So, it does appear that the Pan has the ability to pull in he same signal strength, but either software or hardware cause a drop in receiver sensitivity.

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