Streaming issues/No support

First Wyze cam, have some plugs that I liked, wanted to add the sensors for triggers and door monitoring, So I needed a cam to install the bridge. I have a DVR with 8 hardwired TVI cameras, so I didn’t REALLY need another camera, but more coverage is always fine. And the person detection looks interesting to test.

However, I installed the camera and bridge, and opened the app. The stream is so choppy and sluggish even on 360p that its nearly unusable. The range from the bridge to the bedroom is too far to use the motion sensor in the location I wanted as well.

So I opened a support ticket, I explain that I have no trouble streaming a house full of tablets and TV’s, 4K, games, ect. And I can watch all 8 of my TVI cameras on the DVR in higher resolution than the Wyze with no studder. Support asked me to install some 3rd party 1 star app to gather network information and send logs to who knows who or where, and when I said I wasn’t going to use that app, I was told to “turn it off and back on” and to have a nice day.


So, anyone had a camera with nearly 80% WiFi perform so awful?

Comparing performance of hard-wired vs wireless cameras? OK.

If you are referring to the “RouteThisHelps” app, then yes, that might have assisted Wyze Support in helping you. I have used that app for troubleshooting issues with my ISP several times, and it has done wonders in helping them diagnose the issue properly. I would highly recommend letting them try to help you with that. :slight_smile:

My point was that the network and bandwidth are fine. So running a performance app from my phone, which has no network issues, isn’t my idea of troubleshooting. And the “well use the app or have a nice day” approach.

How do you know that? You don’t. That’s why support asks you to have your WiFi situation tested. WiFi shares bandwidth with your and your neighbor’s microwave ovens, dryers and everything else.

That 80% WiFi signal does not give you a complete picture. What if 80% of the network packets are lost?

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Something is definitely not right, I have 3 Wyze cameras actively streaming 24/7 plus one other I use occasionally. None of my Wyze cams are choppy at all and are very clear day and night. I also have another brand camera in a birdhouse streaming 24/7 to watch baby birds in the spring. With all the cameras, another 20 or so smart devices including some Wyze bulbs and plugs on my network, I have great camera streaming quality.

So, I went and bought another camera, installed in the exact same location as the first, and it streams much better. So faulty camera, not network. I guess the bad one will retire to hosting a bridge so my sensors can work at the other end of the house.