Strange video

I have a V2 in my basement because my grandkids like to play down there and I like being able to check on them. This video was captured at 10:15 in the morning. Looks kind of like a dryer sheet but how is it coming out of a wall… Went downstairs to see if anything on the floor. Nothing there. Maybe it has to do with electricity since there is an outlet nearby? Or maybe a camera malfunction? I have no clue. Any ideas?

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Too small to be a dryer sheet. Maybe a small piece of dryer lint? Lint is all over my laundry room and gets wafted up and around when my HVAC kicks in.


The lint may so so small you wouldn’t even notice it if you were there. Tiny things close to the lens can seem much bigger to you as a viewer. People routinely catch dust particles, for instance. Mostly happens when the infrared lights are active.