Stop Text Messages Going To Watch

I have numerous text messages going to the watch, and I want them to no longer go to the watch.
They are truncated anyway.
I don’t find them very useful and they are killing the battery sooner than necessary.
Turning off notifications in permissions is not a good solution, because my Wyze cam has to be able to send those. The doorbell too.

I suspect I don’t have a solution for you because I think you are using a 47. I couldn’t get the 5 days I was recently getting out of the battery on the 47 to vary, even when I turned raise-to-wake off. So something bigger than raise-to-wake is currently draining the battery on that one. It used to get longer between recharges.

But my 44 is now up to 15 days (!) without raise-to-wake, and I get a freakload of notifications. Of course there are still bugs on that watch too, and one may be shutting down whatever normally drains the battery.

To answer your original question, I don’t know a way to selectively stop some camera notifications to the watch, but allow those same camera notifications to go elsewhere. But notifications may not be the issue if you are using a 47.

The 47 used to be the hero on battery consumption between the two, so all this may flip with the next set of firmware updates.

Could you tell us the numbers of FW you write about?
I.E. is the latest FW 0.12.49?

The last version I tested on the 47 was 0.12.48, I couldn’t get 0,12,49 to load. The test version on the 44 was 0.3.91 (current).

I have not verified this, but on my 47, there is a setting for Text Messages and a settign for Wyze in the notification area. I always assumed that you can turn off the Text Message and leave Wyze on to get the Wyze notifications.

Have you tried that?

Geez, usually I’m the one having problems loading firmware. :slight_smile: