Stop Motion Video

How is stop-motion recording on V2 corrected? Started a couple months ago. Recordings do not play back fluidly but stop for several seconds then speed up triple time. With the stopping a 12-second clip becomes about 4 of total motion. Creates a lot of wasted time and screen recording the playbacks hog storage waiting on stopped video to resume.

Also the V2 started recording motion late or after what triggered it is gone a monthish ago. So every clip requires opening view playback, which started going back five entire minutes requiring micro scrolling up the green bars trying to land about 30 seconds before the recorded clip started to see what moved.

Speaking of the green timeline bars, they started covering the time and date in landscape mode or not fully disappearing from the bottom of the screen like before. Many issues, even new error messages during routine use.

When you live stream a camera is it fluid and the timestamp clock ticking seconds without skipping? I ask because typically what your describing is a network thing. Not necessarily your internet speed, but the strength of the connection to the camera and the overall strength of your WIFI network.
I know you said it just recently started, but over the past few years, I’ve had similar problems come and go. Sometimes due to interference or even just router and devices needing a reboot. One time, I even found that one of my Android tablets had something stuck and was eating bandwidth on my network just sitting there not being used.

I didn’t mention it only happens on a couple of V2s. Just tried to view playback to see what triggered a notification since it starts recording late and error says no SD card, ugh. Seems like the stop motion-speed up might happen in live view, nothing to watch moving right now but will try the rebooting router. Thanks.