Stooopidly did the Wyze Firmware update

I opted off the first couple notices that there was a new update… Then one by one until 5 done - 3 left and did them at one time. Two days later I get 2 new V3 to add to my eyes. Of course they want the update right away.

Results now two days later going through settings until I am ready to smash something I have 3 out of 10 cameras that are semi reliable… NOTE semi not where I can count on those 3. Before the updates I had one that was finicky & is been in the same window sill for 2 months min. 10:30 PM sitting here and I can hear one not working V2 doing the “restart clicking” – its like 8-9 feet away from me.

Both new V3 cams will freeze and because of their positions you do not realize it until you watch the clock not moving. SO I have gone from 5 out of 8 reliable cams to 3 out of 10… Thanks WYZE… I should have known better.

Sorry your having these issues, that can definitely be annoying. Can you clarify a few things first for me.

Did your issues start when you got the new cams, or when you updated the firmware.

You said 5/8 original cams were working, are you having the same issues now as those 3 cams had?

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BEFORE doing ANY updates 5 of 8 were semi reliable… Started doing update one by one when the update notice would pop up. As usual after updating I have to go back to settings and reset the parameters I WANT for my cameras… After finally updating all 8 reliability fell like a rock off the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. Got the new V3s and updated during setup and they joined the older cams NOT working.

Now I end up with ONE East front yard cam, one South side cam and one far inside my garage (an OLD V2 that I replaced its first location, driveway, with new V3). That old V2 was one of the 3 unreliable but since I moved it 45 feet farther away it is working better.

3 out of 10… One inside and two looking outside that might see traffic driving by or the UPS or mailman pulling into the driveway.

When the Wyze cams work they are pretty kool like catching the truck tire that came off a vehicle rolled over to & bounced off my fence then rolled across my roof to the other end of the house before coming back down to earth. That WAS captured on THREE different cameras… Southern, East & Nor-east cams… Great little movie.

What issues are you having exactly, are the cams going completely offline, are they viewable? Are they not recording events, or are the events failing to upload and are just images?

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